We’ve all heard and maybe even participated in the Nature vs. Nurture debates when it comes to leadership. DelSyn Catalysts’ Change Leadership Infusions fall somewhere in-between Nature and Nurture.  Effective change leadership requires a high degree of self-awareness and our Infusions start at that point, exploring an individual’s inherent responses to change. From there we look at the demands of change leadership and seek to identify critical partnerships and activities necessary for successful change.  Depending on the depth and duration of the Infusion, we’ll accompany you on the whole journey to realize your most significant changes.

Infusion Lite
Infusion Lite provides a quick introduction to the Delsyn Catalyst concepts of Change Leadership either through a group presentation or a one on one conversation with a Change Leader.  This one-time engagement includes a rapid assessment of the change climate in your organization and discussion of some likely next steps.

Individual Infusion
Individual Infusion is focused on a single Change Leader driving a specific change. Through face to face meetings, weekly on-line checkins, and review of change artifacts, the Individual Infusion provides support for self assessment, change strategizing, and change execution. The Individual Infusion requires a minimum commitment of 12 weeks with more complex changes requiring longer commitments.

Team Infusion
Team Infusion is focused on a group of Change Leaders driving a specific change together. Team Infusion follows the same basic pattern as the Individual Infusion with perspectives and support for improved Change Leadership team dynamics woven into the individual discussions. Team Infusion requires a minimum commitment of 16 weeks.

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